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Feedback Treffen: Betwixt, trapped and ineffable

Share and Drink - an encouraging Feedback encounter

Bitte Mund-Nasen-Schutz und Getränke mitbringen.

Im Feedback-Treffen ist der Raum geöffnet für Performance-Künstler_innen (dancers, theatre makers, performers, art facilitators), ihre kreativen Arbeitsprozesse zu zeigen und mit anderen Künstler_innen zu teilen. Arbeitsprozesse und Rohmaterial werden gezeigt und verschiedene Feedback-Methoden ausprobiert. Es soll ein unterstützendes Netzwerk entstehen für Künstler_innen und ein gegenseitiges e
Ermutigen, die Türen der Proberäume zu öffnen und sich auszutauschen.

In den Feedback Sessions werden unter anderem die DasArts Methode als auch andere kreative Reflexionsweisen ausprobiert, je nachdem was das Material bzw. die Kunstschaffenden brauchen.

Feedback-Treffen ist eine offene Gruppe und alle sind willkommen, die sich im Feedback geben üben oder eine Arbeit, einen Arbeitsprozess teilen wollen. Sharing, Diskussion and a drink together. Eintritt frei.

Based on the Japanese philosophy of MA, the project encompasses the understanding of interval space, potential void and the relationship between space (ku kan) and time (ji kan). Through dance improvisation, breath and vocal work Júlia Iwanaga developed practices to reach a state of emptiness. The urge to give voice to the space around and inside of us arises as the driving force for the inter-relation of body-textures and materials. Come and join a sensory experience created as space-between body and performance, sound and installation art.
Júlia Iwanaga, born in Brazil, joined the State University of Campinas, where she graduated with a B.A. and B.A.T. degree, in 2018. She co-created the project por elas to explore the construction and notion of self-image as a woman at the intersections between dance, video and photography. Currently, she studies at PReS (Germany), where she investigates the relationship between MA, a Japanese philosophy, and body practices. Her research is situated between visual and sound art.

As a Brazilian artist in a foreign country, my dance performance reflects the deepest of this experience. In the wider panorama, social-political matters guide my research since 2017 with emphasis on my roots whereby I am driven to seek the unspoken and forgotten Brazilian history. The homeless gestures; the worker’s gaze; the struggle for dignity as a Brazilian citizen, from the perspective of a woman and artist surrounded by patriarchy and colonized society. The remnants from the Colonial period, as the most famous Brazilian meal Rice&Beans, overflow my current work in process as desire to understand where were women, who were they and why do they continue to be a minority in the federal/state/municipal government in Brazil.
Gabriela Branco, ​born in ​Brazil, work​s as ​an independent dance diffuser. She earned her B.A. and B.A.T in dance by University of Campinas - UNICAMP, and studied Klauss Vianna Technique (KVT) in ​Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. In her ongoing artistic research, she is developing her movement research - ​Body States through Memories​, based on KVT. In the frame of PReS, she has taken the opportunity to study Brazilian Colonization and how to embody and resist its remnants.

From darkness to the sparkle of fire. A force that needs to arise from humanity to the awakening. Generative force. Woman faith. A soft cry from women to mother earth which holds the wisdom that behind a black hole there is not an end. There is a new beginning. A new cycle. The remnants in your body bring light to a latent intuition that behind the veil of illusion which masks a perfect frame, there is a deeper reality. The resilience is invoked through time and space, from each history detail, from each memory that echoes in the skin and exhales a body state. Traces are left, motions are reborn. The beyondness still strikes a balance.
Christa Stöffelbauer, born in Austria works as contemporary dancer and performer. She earned a B.A. in social work at FH Campus Vienna and graduated from her contemporary dance studies at Sozo – Visions in Motion, Kassel. She performed in works of Ryan Mason, Jianan Qu, Stella Zannou among others and worked recently in a creation with Maya M. Caroll, ‘All nature’ in Kassel. Her interest is in works with social relevance.

Veranstalterinnen: Regina Picker, Mariella Greil, ttp WUK

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