Sa 31.3.2012 - Fr 29.6.2012



Audain Gallery, Vancouver (CDN)
April-Juni 2012

Kathy Slade

is a Vancouver-based artist who works in a variety of media including books, sound, embroidery, sculpture, film and video. Her work is often based in text and draws primarily from popular culture, literature, and art history. 

She works collaboratively with artist/musician Brady Cranfield on two projects, 

The Music Appreciation Society, a fictitious secret society that organizes events 

with artists to talk about, listen to, or perform music, and as Cranfield and Slade, 

who have released two concept albums 12 Sun Songs (2009, published by the 

Or Gallery, Vancouver, and Christoph Keller Editions, Zurich) and 10 Riot Songs

(2011, published by The Presentation House Gallery in North Vancouver). 

Slade is the founder of READ Books, an ongoing art bookstore project of the 

Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver, and is the founding editor of the Emily 

Carr University Press. She also edits Slade Editions, a series of books with 

Publication Studio Vancouver. 

She has exhibited in Canada, the United States, China, Europe, and the United 

Kingdom. Her work has most recently been exhibited at the Audain Gallery in 

Vancouver, The Savage School Gallery in London (UK), The Kamloops Art 

Gallery (BC), Museum London (ON), Heidelberg Kunstverein, the Vancouver Art 

Gallery, St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum (USA), and the Temple Bar Gallery 

in Dublin. In 2009 Slade received the Jack and Doris Shadbolt Foundation VIVA