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Mi 26. Juni 2019, 19.00


KEX Studio

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Kunsthalle Exnergasse

After-Ripening & Corruption – Paraphrasing Manners

Residenz April – Juni 2019

Having lived as ‘others’ in various societies, Mako Ishizuka acquired resilience, parallax and the licence for leaps, which she uses to play with rules, norms and logics, and to ruminate on the findings and questions that surface in the shades of distances. 
Developing her ongoing project around the language and cultural translations in the lives of people moving, she turns the spotlight on social manners as a form of reflex and non-verbal communication and as something that reflects culture, moral and mentality. As a threshold to intervene gently into social situations and thoughts, she observes the social actions and manners that are not the object of the gaze, and their diffusion. Through the dialogue and collaboration with those who are deeply conscious about their physicality in the act of communication, she attempts to invent and implement daily social manners that can be »the slow-acting antidote/trigger« to lead to an imagined society.

Mako Ishizuka ist Residentin im KEX Studio von April bis Juni 2019.

In Kollaboration mit TOKAS

KEX Residency
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Make the Most out of Now, 2010, Foto: Susi Jirkuff
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