Fr 21.4.2023
19.00 Uhr





Presentation and celebration of the collective walk and collaborative mapping by Charly, Frida, Lukas, Luke, Juan, Elisabeth, Sofia, Jonathan, Elina, Judith, Veronika, Milena, Nazgol, Omry, Reka, Verena, all from Social Design Studio at Angewandte, during the Focusweek facilitated by Erik Tlaseca, and hosted by Kunsthalle Exnergasse.

Afterwards Party and DJ set by MTRL

What could happen if a group of friends walked together through the city Vienna for two entire days? 

The urban jungle was crossed: from concrete across stickers, DIY skateparks, graffiti, abandoned spaces to spaces yet-to-be built, socialist buildings, communal gardens and finally the enduring farming lands.

Holding the weight of the city, the group of friends experienced tiredness while witnessing Vienna’s transformations: its past, its present and an uncertain future. The fringes of the city appear as a blurred spectrum, ranging from the flourishing utopic neighborhoods, to the erosion of the surrounding countryside and the illusion of natural landscape.

Spaces seem empty, not yet defined.

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