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festival for queer community building

FRUITFUL -  ist ein jährlich wiederkehrendes Festival für queere Gemeinschaftsbildung mit Workshops, Performances, DJ-Sets, Live-Musik, Kunst und Essen. Diese Veranstaltung ist speziell für queere Jugendliche, marginalisierte Queers und intersektional unterdrückte Queers gedacht. 

Aber jede_r ist bei FRUITFUL willkommen! 

Es ist eine Chance, Wissen auszutauschen und fruchtbare Anfänge miteinander zu gestalten, neue Fähigkeiten zu lernen, neues Essen zu probieren und neue Musik zu hören.

Timetable Samstag, 04. Juni 2022
21 Uhr Enesi M. (Konzert)
22 Uhr Mzamo (DJ)
23:30 Kevin Clash as Slutty Boyfriend (DJ)

Timetable Sonntag, 05. Juni 2022
12 bis 13:30 Uhr YOGAxME
13:30 bis 15 Uhr TWERKSHOP
15 bis 16:30 Uhr STOP N CHOP – African queer community kitchen!

Come and stay casual!



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In this yoga workshop it’s about more than just aligning the body, mind and spirit, here we want to tap into the ME. Me can be understood as the individual presenting themselves, or as Movement & Empowerment. The joy of moving our bodies, in our own individual ways to express how we feel or perceive the world at the moment. We will be listening to different sounds and music to guide us through the workshop.


Reconnecting through your pelvis
We often run through our life’s, haunted by stress and to do’s. This Twerkshop will give you the opportunity to reconnect with your body on a physical & mental level. The only goal is to let your body be & feel it.
This workshop is a healing experience lead by mangoranges a queer dancer & filmmaker.
As we hold a lot of stress in our hips, in order to release that tension, mangoranges will let you explore several ways of moving & shaking your pelvis through a mixture of hip rotating, twerking & stretching movements which intend to strengthen the connection to African & Caribbean heritage. Exploring through a mixture of contemporary, African & Caribbean dance styles.
No prior dance experience needed. Movers of all levels are welcome!
Bring comfy, stretchy clothes the you like to move & sweat in!

Mangoranges is a queer dancer and multimedia artist, who makes short films about mental health since 2016. They were born and raised in Austria and spent many years competing at dance championships and performed on stages throughout Europe. 2019 they premiered their first solo performance “Melodies of movement” at Brunnenpassage freshTIVAL. Then they moved to London to study diverse dance styles at IRIE Dance Theatre.
Now the artist is focused on creating space to let black people and people of color express their struggles and coping strategies through filmmaking and other artistic practices.


Im Workshop würde ich gerne einen Austausch über Möglichkeiten und politische Spannungsfelder der Darstellung von Körperlichkeit in der figurativen Zeichnung bieten. Inklusive zeichnen, Zine making und plaudern.

Ari is an Illustrator and Garderobier, currently studying Contextual Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He focuses primarily on researching queer history, mainly through biographies as they provide a tool to decentralize an imagined collective and linear historiography. This shift of attention towards the interconnections and the contradictory simultaneity of lived realities is Ari’s foundation for his work with drawing and text. 





Enesi M. Is an alternative drill/reggaeton/Baile fanque/electronic musical producer, poet, singer and rapper who has Brazilian and Cuban roots. Her work tells you about a queer, black/brown reality, life and love. She released her first official music project titled „Corriendo EP“ in 2021“

MZAMO Nondlwana a queer non-binary performing artist originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Their work focuses on marginalised bodies and an attempt to subvert colonial fantasy.They are also one half of a dj collective Bicha Boo which is an audio-visual performative collective since 2017.

KEVIN CLASH as SLUTTY BOYFRIEND (London) New Member and Partner of Boys Noize’s RAVE PIGS | KEVIN CLASH as SLUTTY BOYFRIEND is coming back to Vienna to play and create music with local artists and creatives for a ‘Vienna Summer Exclusive’ in June-July 2022. Former Ministry of Sound resident DJ, Kevin has switched up his styles and is rocking it via a collaborative music curation process between him and one of his partners that’s called; MY BOYFRIEND’S MUSIC COLLECTION Freestyle Party Style; Jersey Club, Breakbeat, Ballroom, Jackin House, Techno, R&B Remixes, New Wave, No Wave, Noise, Dark Disco, Original Disco, Soul, Drum & Bass…… well nothing is off the table genre wise it just depends on the project, the party and the people. In 2021 Kevin came to Wien to establish connections and showcase presenting music in a ‘Fierce Freestyle’ a style that is QUEER at it’s roots. As someone who knows both the queer and black roots of both electronic and guitar based music he is happy to play any genre of danceable music with the confidence that ‘my people invented and launched this music!’  DEX ‘n EFX TURNTABLIST - Kevin delivers music in a variety of styles from 6 deck, multi module, sound layering to the 2 deck touch screen - cut ’n mix style that he favours for the Slutty Boyfriend project that was created to be raw, fast and energetic. This style was presented in 2021 when Kevin Clash and Costas Kekis performed as PERVέRT at the Das Letzte Spektakel afterparty and again as a solo set at the City of Whores afterparty.


Für fruitful sind keine Tickets notwendig. Komm einfach vorbei und verbringe mit uns eine gute Zeit!

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