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Break down the line

Curated by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe

„Break down the line“ ist eine Einladung zur Erkundung künstlerischer Vielfalt und Kreativität. Die teilnehmenden Künstler_innen verhandeln ihre Themen und Emotionen mittels Musik, Malerei, Tanz oder anderen Formen der Kunst. Wir tauchen ein in ein farbenfrohes und fesselndes Universum, entdecken neue Perspektiven und lassen uns inspirieren. Wir feiern die Kunst in all seiner Vielfalt und erleben ein unvergessliches künstlerisches Abenteuer, bei dem jeder Beitrag eine eigene Geschichte erzählt und die Künstler_innen ein Stück ihrer Seele preisgeben.

About the artists and their work

Felix Vidensky born 1963!has been working on organic farming and the holistic impact of food on people since 1990!Projects:!- 1997 Development of a biodegradable nappy (patent)!-From 1999- 2005 The hemp farmer (pioneer of guerrilla cooking)!-2001 Publication of "the hemp farmer's cookbook"!-from 2002 Development of a grill ring with low emissions ( patent)!-Research and experiments for recipes ( Opium im Volk )!-Opium im Volk ( Gesamtkunstwerk with 9 courses)!-Cookbook"Feuer am tisch"

Welile K. Giorgi, MA. BA(Hons). BA is a lover of love, hugs and smiles. She is no stranger to the performing arts and cultural policy management & research space, with a diverse portfolio including theatre, acting, TV, dance and film. She is an aspirant copy editor. Lately she is looking forward to a future where she can read more than just Winnie the Pooh or The Tales of Beatrix Potter. She envisions becoming an astute wine connoisseur. Moreover has a considerable fondness for sharing good food, conversation or silence with her beloveds.

Sunny creates art that brings a feeling of self development and evaluation in one’s self. She shares  her evolution of work by Exploring and playing with different Medians. Sunny is now exploring her journey as a pole dancer and food fantasy performer. Creating new stories through movement and emotion.
This piece will challenge the audiences understanding and perspective of the connection we have to our physical form. How we see ourselves and others through our physical form alone. Who or what are we without all the materials that makes us visible to this world?
In this presentation  Break Down the Line she will use matériel from Anomalic  and Beyond the overflow 's piece  to express her own feelings.

Judith Kratz began her artistic career with feminist paintings on wall and canvas, then toured with her multi-faceted band KLITCLIQUE to festivals, galleries, theaters and clubs, published literary texts, went on stage as a stand-up comedian at PCCC*, and finally combined her accumulated knowledge in the production of the experimental web show "Green Scream with G-udit" (together with Anna Spanlang).
After the birth of her daughter, she is back in the studio to stage her paintings.
On invitation by Elisabeth Tambwe, she is happy to present the following new works:

Milk Brain
Acrylics on Canvas

dress for Jerry Gogosian Interview
(Kusama LV X Schiaparelli), 
from: Green Scream mit G-udit Episode 5, Birth of a Collection,
whole episode on youtube

Eduardo Trivino Cely
Through field recordings, sculpture, objects, social scenarios, interventions in public and architectural space, Eduardo Triviño-Cely’s work experiments with the relationship between sound, bodies, and the space we inhabit
A sound-performance using mediums like antennas, amplifiers and microphones in space. While every performance improvises with different mediums the space responds with an immersive soundscape
The experimental composition consists of field recordings, "Tension" a stringed instrument build in 2018 in collaboration with a piano builder
Vertical derived from a series of live events which began in 2017 in Vienna, moving to different places in Latin America, United States and Europe. 

Alexander Chernyshkov is a composer, performer and improviser. He experiments actively in building unique ne instruments of strictly acoustical and mechanical origin. His main focus is the compositio and practice of the performative, musical theatre based on interdisciplinarity betwee methods and genres, which is being referred as Error Theatre His works are performed and programmed by ensembles like musikFabrik, Nikel, Nadar PHACE, and festivals such as Wien Modern, Gaudeamus, Biennale di Venezia, Steirische Herbst, Gergiev Festival, Bludenz Musiktage, Hamburg State Opera, Elektrotheate Stanislavsky, Musiktheatertage Wien. He holds the Stipendium "Akademie Musiktheate Heute" and is the winner of the NOperas! 2020.

Curated by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe 

Curated by

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe Born in Kinshasa (DRC), Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe grew up in France and pursued artistic studies. In 1998, she obtained the “Diplôme National d’Expression Plastique”, for her work of sculpture, at the School of Fine Arts in Tourcoing, France...

As an artist, choreographer and stage director, she works with a variety of forms of writing:performance, choreography, film, interactive and generative, as well as different dramaturgies and spaces such as installations and stages. She is interested in the emergence of new forms of otherness, and the singular relationships and languages they give rise to. What do they reveal about our humanity, and how do they challenge the notion of anthropocentrism? The works of Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe tend to show the multiplicity of angles of view which imply different perceptions of the same reality. Her works have been presented at the ImpulsTanz Festival, the Wiener Festwochen, the Theater brut, TQ-Wien, WUK, the donaufestival KBeyond The Overflow (2023)rems, the steirischer herbst and at numerous international festivals and theaters, among others.Current choreographic worksIn the last piece, Beyond The Overflow (2023) art does its strip-tease. Body at work, body for sale, worked body. The performer is both an art object and a place crossed by desire: an object of multiple transactions. Speech of Love : Absence (2022) was inspired by the writings of Roland Barthes to discuss the dichotomous relationship between love and solitude.Carré Noir (2020   )   revolves around the body as a place of resistance, turning againstpreconceived visions and playing with aesthetic, social and political codes and projections.Film and VideoThe Mask of the Schwarzen-Löwenbergs (2021), Filmcasino, Vienna (Austria)Telenovela pilot-episode von Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, 2021 DIG UP Productions Quick Deepy Sweep, Video, Ballhaus Ost Online Festival, 2022 Abstraction, Video 10:07 min. EVN Collection, 2022 IN//OUT Video 3 Min. 12 Sek., 2012 Les dessous de la reine, Vidéo,4mns 52, 2012The Barbie Chicken, Video/Photography, Sound, 3 Min. 25 Sec., 2009The Dressing,      Video, 12 Min. 52 Sek., 2009Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe has lived and worked in Vienna/Austria since 2008.

Kontakt und Zugang
  • WUK Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien
  • Das WUK ist gut mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zu erreichen (U6, Straßenbahn 37, 38, 40, 41, 42). Anfahrt
  • Der Zugang zum Foyer und Saal ist barrierefrei möglich, es gibt eine Toilette mit Haltegriffen.

Bei allen Fragen erreichst du uns unter performingarts@wuk.at oder das Infobüro unter 01 401 210

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