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Wiener Perspektive

Fictional Season 2

on Salaries and Working Conditions

The Salary - Level Group of Wiener Perspektive - hosted by ttp WUK -invites to present and discuss the topic of salaries and working conditions with you. The last months we have been interviewing different choreographers, dancers and organizers of the Viennese free scene to get an insight on their salary level status quo. Our goal is to create a common document of agreed salary-levels based on these interviews and our further discussions.
This afternoon of exchange and discussions on salary and working conditions aims to nourish the transparency within the scene and foster its self-conception.

After your pulse has been beating hard for salary levels and working conditions, we step it up a level with dance and drinks to seal the deal. 


13 h Live-Interviews: Try it yourself!
Question and be questioned, find out about your own and others expectation of what to earn and under what conditions. 
Info for Newcomers: What is Wiener Perspektive?

15 h Visions of Income
Presentation of Interviews and first draft of Salary-Agreement-Paper

on Salary-Levels and Working Conditions

+ Shake-Up-Break

18.30 h  Sum Up
Dance, Massage and Drinks

21 h The End

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So kommst du mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln, zu Fuß, mit dem Fahrrad oder mit dem Auto ins WUK.

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Women's Euro 2017 Public Viewing im WUK (c) Niko Ostermann
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