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PCCC #10: I’m not sure!


Vanilla or strawberry? Stay in or go out? Stay in and eat vanilla ice cream or go out and have wild erotic action including strawberries in a public space? Sometimes we really don’t know - because we’re insecure! For PCCC* #10 (Really?!?!?) your favourite comedians* (Yes, right?!?! Or maybe not?!?) will explore the terrifying space between equally appealing options, the complicated relationship between chances and risks as well as comparably legitimate, but completely different ways to look at things - and even yourself. Am I smart, successful, political, hardworking, happy enough? Am I the greatest special person ever, a complete failure - or both? Can I really do what I say I can do? Or am I the Milli Vanilli of what I am doing? Girl, do you really know it’s true? Honestly, we don’t. There’s only one thing we know: You should definitely come!

10th PCCC* Anniversary Special: WIN 10 AWESOME PRIZES - powered by WUK performing arts 
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What is PCCC*?

Political Correctness doesn’t have to equal censorship – it could simply mean: Fun for more people. Denice Bourbon, the reigning Queen of Vienna’s Queer Backyard and Josef Jöchl, good at typing, will present comedic talent from all strands of the performing Arts, as long as they are funny - half in GERMAN, halb auf ENGLISCH.

Über die Beteiligten

One gay guy and a queerfeminist lesbian walk into a bar, where they say OMG a lot and wear overalls. Not. PCCC* is going beyond the cliché – again. For the 10th time you will hear punchlines that are 100 % free from “funny” accents, “men are like this“ (penis) and „women like this“ (shoes).

DENICE BOURBON ist eine lesbisch/queere Performerin, Autorin, Musikerin, Moderatorin und DJ. Stand-up-Comedy ist aber ihre allergrößte Leidenschaft.

JOSEF JÖCHL macht seit mehreren Jahren irgendwas mit Medien. PCCC* ist das erste Bühnenprojekt, an dem er mitarbeitet.


  • WUK Onlineshop
  • Montag, 27.05.2019 19:30 Uhr
  • WUK Infobüro: täglich 15 bis 20 Uhr geöffnet, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien, nur Barzahlung
  • Abendkassa WUK: nach Verfügbarkeit, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien, nur Barzahlung
  • Reservierungen: oder +43-1-401 21-0
    Wir bitten euch zu berücksichtigen, dass reservierte Karten bis 19:15 Uhr abgeholt werden müssen.
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