12. und 13. Jänner 2018
19:30 Uhr


Saal und Projektraum

Performance, Tanz, TheaterPerformance

HUGGY BEARS mit Malika Fankha, Matan Levkowich, Maiko Sakurai und Cat Jimenez

Das Performancekollektiv Superamas unterstützt mit dem Programm HUGGY BEARS aufstrebende Künstler_innen im Bereich der Performing Arts. Es berät in Sachen Administration, Produktion und künstlerische Angelegenheiten und vernetzt die Künstler_innen mit unterschiedlichen Partner_innen. Im Januar 2018 präsentiert WUK performing arts die Abschlussarbeiten von HUGGY BEARS 2017.

Maiko Sakurai und Cat Jimenez sind zwei Künstlerinnen, deren Arbeit von ihrem ostasiatischen und mitteleuropäischen Hintergrund geprägt ist sowie vom Widerspruch beider Welten. 

Malika Fankha unternimmt in ihrer Arbeit aus der Perspektive eines ungeborenen Kindes im Mutterleib eine metafiktive Reflexion über Identität, Zusammenleben und Überlebensstrategien.

Matan Levkowich erforscht in seiner Arbeit die Beziehung zwischen physischen Konflikten und männlicher Sexualität.

Cat Jimenez und Maiko Sakurai: di stance

Two artists shaped by their East Asian and Middle European backgrounds as well as the contrariety of both worlds, is the starting point of this collaboration.

Opposing points of view, as well as the opportunity to always shine a light from different perspectives, due to their multicultural heritage, have been recurring issues, which also developed into their everyday behaviour and shaped their lives as artists.
di stance is the attempt to translate this personal awarness, through their shared familiar and trusted language of design and the clarity of minimalism, to create a structure based on approach, appreciation and respect.

Concept, Performance 
Cat Jimenez + Maiko Sakurai 

Cat Jimenez

Maiko Sakurai 

Dramaturgical Support
Philippe Riera, Julian Vogel, Ingrid Türk-Chlapek

Julian Vogel

Music / Composition / Sound
Daniele Zipin

With the kind support of Huggy Bears 2017, Empire Dance and Stadt Klagenfurt Kultur.

Cat Jimenez was born in Cebu City, Philippines and raised in Vienna. She is moving inbetween the abundance of Hip Hop culture and the minimalism of contemporary art. An apparent contradiction which reflects the connection of her nativity and functions as a source of inspiration. Her professional experiences vary from fashion film direction, international battle participations, to commercial work for artists and labels. Since more than 2 years she focuses mainly on theatre and performance arts productions with following artists: Valentin Alfery Knuffelbunt, Elio Gervasi, Akos Hargitay, and many more. During the TURBO residency by Impulstanz and the Tanz*Hotel residency (both in 2016) she started working on her own Solo. In 2017 she participated in the danceweb Scholarship program.

Maiko Sakurai was born in Vienna, Austria, to a Japanese mother and Austrian father and works, under the name ‘kleine tänzerin’ – which is the meaning of her Japanese first name and translates as “little dancer“– in the fields of applied and fine arts. These influences, dance and movement, are easily visible in her creations. Besides her own art, Maiko founded fifoo – performing arts project with the dancer and choreographer Kanako Sako, was Head of Press and Public Relations at Tanzquartier Wien, did production for the Workshop department at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival 2017 and is currently working in the Austrian free scene as a production manager.

Malika Fankha: Sauna

"SAUNA" is a meta-fictional reflection about identity, cohabitation and survival stragegies. Told from the perspective of an unborn child inside a womb it questions the reliability of narration, juggles with knowledge and facts that are largely obscure and thus suggests a new metaphorical Virtual Reality.

The obsessive personality of the prenatal storyteller is driven by an unconditional claim for self-determination  while at the same time being  tied to this other body via the umbilical cord, a symbol of pure dependence and connection. Contemplating dystopian future scenarios, witnessing the trivia of everyday conversations or indulging in excentric navel-gazing, the tale evolves around the contradictions and promiscuity that shape our lifestyle: the either radically intimate or radically superficial.

Malika Fankha works as a dancer, choreographer, sound poet and DJ. In her performative work she aims to blur the hierarchies between genres, to collapse the threshold of binary and normative social codes such as male and female, artificial and human, intimacy and representation. Using multiple narratives with both her body and voice she spectrums the utopian and dystopian characteristics of popular media culture, posthumanism and trivia while at the same time declaring everything to be within the textual, visual and emotive space of poetry. Among others, she has been collaborating with SUPERAMAS, Tino Sehgal, Deborah Hazler and Maureen Kaegi. Her work includes co-productions with Tanzquartier Vienna, Brut, WUK, ImPulsTanz, Festwochen Wien, Sound:Frame, Tanzhaus Zürich, Art Basel, Zentrum Paul Klee, Pianofabriek Brussels, Golden Days Festival Copenhagen and Mladi Levi Festival Ljubljana.

Artistic Direction/Performance 
Malika Fankha

Maureen Kaegi

Noushin Redjaian & Jakob Neulinger

Dark Euphoria feat. Alexander Kasses & Bernd Ammann

Goran Bugaric

Maria Ritsch

Hair & Makeup
Cosmo Cleverson

residency partners: ImPulsTanz Wien, CAMPO Ghent, Life Long Burning hosted by Cullberg Ballet Stockholm, Dampfzentrale Bern.

Matan Levkowich

Matan Levkowich: War and Love

‘War and Love’ is a research about the relationship between physical conflict and male sexuality.

War and Love is a durational performance about the relationship between fighting and masculinity. 

The piece examines where male competitiveness arise and how it can transform into brute aggression. We are inquiring the social mechanism that binds the two together and affects the way we can experience masculinity. 

It is an exploration of our innate desire for physical intensity and of our lust for empathic destruction. 

Matan Levkowich

Creation & Performance
Yali Rivlin and Matan Levkowich

Outside Eye
Claire Lefevre

Sound Concept
Lukas Froschauer

Production management
Sophie Schmeiser

A co-production of Himalaya Project and WUK performing arts. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Huggy Bears 2018.

Hoop Dance Jam

Offenes Trainng mit dem Hoop - Reifen

freitags 17.00 - 19.00 Uhr


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Cumann Céilí Vín

Tanztraining der irischen Volkstanzgruppe

Donnerstag 19.00 - 21.30 Uhr


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Haitianischer Tanz

Mit Karine LaBel und Live-Percussion

Jeden Mittwoch 18.00 - 19.30 Uhr und 19.30 - 21.00 Uhr


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Contact Improvisation Jam

Für Tanzende mit Vorerfahrung

Jeden zweiten Mittwoch ab 18.45 - 21.30 Uhr


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Performance Improvisation Jam

Für Interessierte an improvisierter Performance

Jeden zweiten Mittwoch - ungerade Woche - ab 18.45 - 21.30 Uhr


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jeden Freitag, 18.00 - 19.30 Uhr


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