Di 22.11.2016
18.30 Uhr


KEX Studio

Paula Flores

Scientifically proven the exotic is sacred SKETCHES

Ausstellung von Paula Flores

Scientifically proven the exotic is sacred SKETCHES
Eröffnung der Ausstellung: Dienstag, 22.11.2016, 18.30 Uhr

Exploitation and now over exploitation causes shifts in natural paths when they are eroded with human movement that doesn’t take into consideration the natural resources, cultures, animals and other humans. Imperialism has become global imperialism which is having tremendous consequences on the natural world and on the immigration of people as a consequence of negative actions. (P. Flores)

Paula Flores, Tijuana (MEX) ist Artist in Residence im KEX Studio von Oktober - Dezember 2016. In Kollaboration mit senseight, Los Angeles. 

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