16. bis 18. März 2018

Foto Mathias Schwarz and Christian Ariel Heredia
Performance, Tanz, TheaterWorkshop

Animal Instinct Collaboration Vienna

Matan Levkovich and Daphna Horeczyk Dance Project

Animal Instinct Collaborations is a format in which I invite an exceptional mover/teacher for a short and intense research together with me.

In this period, we exchange ideas and perspectives about movement & training through the lens of the Animal Instinct Practice and the particular background of the guest teacher.

During the event, we will share these fresh ideas/materials and look at the relation between the Animal Instinct Practice and other disciplines/practices.

So far, collaborators came from several disciplines such as Russian systema, contact improvisation, aikido and aiki-jujustu, BJJ, contemporary dance and more..