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Performing arts have played an important role in the cultural programme of the WUK since its beginnings in the 1980s. Back then, the WUK was almost the only space for free experimentation for the Austrian dance, dance theater and performance scene, then still in its infancy; and it continues to be a special venue and trusted partner to a lively and internationally established professional scene in the field of contemporary performing arts for a Vienna audience.

WUK performing arts showcases interdisciplinary formats that oscillate between dance, theater, performance, fine art, choreography, text and video. WUK performing arts has a reputation for risk-taking, for experiment, for trust in the unknown. Whether through co-productions, guest performances or formats created specifically for WUK performing arts, it offers local and international artists time, space, publicity and support to develop and realise their projects.

WUK performing arts also cooperates with various institutions in Vienna, eg with the University of Music and Performing Arts (University Course of Applied Dramaturgy), with the autonomous area of ​​dance theater performance (ttp) within WUK, with the Kunstvolkshochschule and with brut Wien.

Through its WUK performing arts club, WUK performing arts invites anyone interested to a continuous, theoretical and practical engagement with the diversity of performative art.

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We are looking forward to seeing you!

Esther Holland-Merten (Artistic Director)
and Ulli Koch (PR & Marketing)


Performance, Dance, Theaterperformance

PCCC #10: I’m not sure!

Vanilla or strawberry? Stay in or go out? Stay in and eat vanilla ice cream or go out and have wild erotic action including strawberries in a public space? Sometimes we really don’t know - because we’re insecure!
Plus: 10th PCCC* Anniversary Special: WIN 10 AWESOME PRIZES - powered by WUK performing arts

Montag, 27. Mai 2019, 19:30 Uhr
, Saal

Performance, Dance, Theaterperformance

Company Christoph Winkler: The Voice That You Are

Eine installative Performance

Große Stimmen, große Emotionen und oft ein tragisches Ende – damit wird Oper gerne in Verbindung gebracht. Doch sie kann so viel mehr sein! Die Performance The Voice That You Are ist eine Auseinandersetzung mit der Stimme: die dramatische Stimme des Musiktheaters steht in Beziehung zur Vielfalt einer Stadt und den Stimmen ihrer Bürger_innen.

Freitag, 31.05. bis Samstag, 01.06.2019, 19:30 Uhr
, Saal

Performance, Dance, Theaterperformance

InsideOut WUK performing arts club: Frequently Asked Questions

Ausgehend von der Frage „What do you care about?“ entwickeln die Teilnehmenden des InsideOut WUK performing arts Club gesellschaftsrelevante Themen und Fragen, die in performativen Handlungen und Ereignissen mit dem Publikum erforscht werden sollen. Die Künstler_innen Otmar Wagner, Thomas Kasebacher und Laia Fabre, Nikolaus Adler und Claudia Tondl standen ihnen mit ihrem Wissen um künstlerische Mittel und Verfahrensweisen zur Seite und unterstützten sie in der Entwicklung ihrer inhaltlichen und ästhetischen Herangehensweise.

Donnerstag, 06.06. bis Samstag, 08.06.2019, 19:30 Uhr
, Museum


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