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WUK Verein zur Schaffung offener Kultur- und Werkstättenhäuser
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WUK Arts and Culture
Stefanie Steinwendtner

WUK Education and Counselling
Christoph Trauner


Margit Wolfsberger
Louise Kienzl
deputy chairwoman

Robert Brich
Ursula Königer
deputy cashier

Julia Fromm
secretary to the board
Eckart Holzinger
deputy secretary to the board

Field of Activity

WUK is a 12,000-square-metre culture, workshop, and living space in Vienna. The former locomotive factory is home to a cultural centre (WUK Culture and Administration) that comprises four programmatic areas and around 150 autonomously organised groups and individual initiatives (so-called “self-management” or “autonomy”). Furthermore, WUK plays an executive role in education and counselling organisations that implement labour market policies (WUK Education and Counselling). Within its spatial and organisational capacities, WUK is open to everyone interested and all artistically, politically, and socially engaged people.

Purpose of Association

The purpose of the association is to support sociocultural activities and to communicate its values with the objective of public education (excerpt from the statutes of the association, § 2).

Direction of the website

Website for the promotion and support of the field of activity and the purpose of the association.


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Christine Schöffler und Peter Blakeney

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