October 8 – 17,


Kunsthalle Exnergasse

©️ Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page
Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Am Rand

Exhibition with contributions by Nicolò Degiorgis, Futurefarmers, Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page,
and the collaboration of Jochen Becker (metroZones, Berlin), Angelika Burtscher (Lungomare, Bolzano), and Social Design Studio of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Drawing from the cooperation between KEX and the Zukunftshof project on the premises of the former agricultural estate Haschahof on Vienna’s urban periphery, the KEX I RAND series of events and the “Am Rand” exhibition bring together international contributions on the topics of urban agriculture, urban expansion, and district development with a specific focus on land usage and the transformations in the agricultural and food system in urban areas.

Nicolò Degiorgis, KEX artist-in-residence, presents facets and results of his artistic research at Zukunftshof / Haschahof.

Futurefarmers Flatbread Society(Permanent Public Art, 2010­–2018)
Flatbread Society is a permanent public art project amidst a major waterfront development in Oslo, Norway. In 2012 lead artists Futurefarmers, with architect Lode Vranken, formed Flatbread Society as a proposition for working with local actors to establish an aligned vision for the use of this land. Flatbread Society used grain as a prismatic impetus to consider the interrelationship of food production with realms of knowledge sharing, cultural production, sociopolitical formations, and everyday life.
Futurefarmers (San Francisco / Gent) is a network of artists, architects, industrial designers, farmers, programmers, and anthropologists who come together through an aligned interest in recalibrating our senses – one that encourages attention to the many dimensions of the world, both animate and inanimate. They work at the intersection of art, architecture, and city planning with a sensitivity for materials and craft, which resonates with the context in which we work.

Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page Die Pampa lebt [The pampa lives] – Hellersdorf as a large housing estate yesterday, today and tomorrow, 2019–2021”
Since 15 years Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page have been working in large housing estates on urban peripheries, where they form collectives with residents, artists, and art theorists. They produce, mediate, and create networks through long-term artistic projects in neighbourhood communities. Since 2014, together with Jochen Becker, they have been building up a second venue of the art space neue Gesellschaft bildende Kunst nGbK in Berlin-Hellersdorf: the “station urbaner kulturen”.
In the exhibition “Am Rand” they will show a part of their research project “Die Pampa lebt [The pampa lives] – Hellersdorf as a large housing estate yesterday, today and tomorrow, 2019–2021”


In the framework of KEX | RAND, --this autumn's programme of Kunsthalle Exnergasse focusing on (Vienna's) urban periphery, urban planning and agriculture.

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