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The exhibition »pornotopia revised« presents Post Porn in its material culture, reflects on notions of society and taboo, intimacy and subversion, and thereby calls the genre of pornography itself into question.

31.3. – 14.5.2022



Decolonising Space Mining

The exhibition "EXTR-Activism" presents artistic and activist positions that question and challenge the new commercial space race for mineral extractivism.

10.2. – 12.3.2022



New Space Treaty

At the end of the exhibition "EXTR-Activism" the "New Space Treaty" will be presented and Nuotama Bodomo's "Afronauts" (2014) will be shown. The event will be held in English, both at Kunsthalle Exnergasse and online via YouTube.

Sa 12.3.2022

Also online via LIVESTREAM: Lecture by Ana Jeinić about different commercial and political visions of the urban futures as well as their underlying conflicts and potentials. In the framework of the exhibition Solid Roof, Severe weather.


The works shown in the exhibition Solid Roof, Severe Weather speculate along current social and economic fault lines about the future of cities and the lives of the people who inhabit them.

4.11.2021 – 18.12.2021


ROTH:NEU:SIEDL folgt dem Wasser

Intervention based on a concept by Zdravko Haderlap at Zukunftshof

Inscription on the west facade of the Zukunftshof, based on a concept by Zdravko Haderlap.
Opening and discussion.


The throat – the passageway that ferries a perpetual cargo of air, food, and words – is under constant duress as the access point to the essential constituents of its precious load: Breathing, eating, and speaking take on new meanings and perils at every turn of environmental shifts and political violence.

9.9.2021 – 9.10.2021

Kunsthalle Exnergasse is showing a Project Statement at Parallel Vienna.

7.9. - 12.9. 2021