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Online symposium with Anna Ehrenstein, House of Tupamaras, Sadie Lune, and Fannie Sosa, hosted by Sarah Held, and Sylvia Sadzinski.

Fr 23.4.2021

»Debatable Land(s)« is an experimental spatial installation, and the first chapter of a year-long project dealing with mechanisms of space appropriation and their historical and current deviations, employing Malta - an island state in the Mediterranean Sea with a long colonial past - as an artistic case-study.

9.2.-26.2.2021 with registration


Haschahof on its way to Zukunftshof

Guided tour in the framework of urbanize!2020

Join the KEX team in conversation with the "Zukunftshof" project-initiator Andreas Gugumuck for a guided tour through the former Haschahof in Wien Favoriten. The tour is part of the urbanize!2020 festival and organized in the framework of KEX | RAND.

Su 18.10.2020


Urban Fringes

A "Chamber journery" with Social Design Studio

The international Social Design students at the University of Applied Arts Vienna unfold a broad and comprehensive spectrum of urban fringes in connection with the reciprocal perceptions of rural and urban inhabitants. In the framework of the exhibition "AM RAND."

We 14.10.2020


Am Rand

The exhibition "AM RAND" focuses on urban periphery, urban planning and agriculture. With contributions by Nicolò Degiorgis, Futurefarmers, Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page. With the collaboration of Jochen Becker (metroZones, Berlin), Angelika Burtscher (Lungomare, Bozen), and the Social Design Studio of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

October 8 – 17, 2020


Exhibition opening and lectures

The exhibition "AM RAND" opens with lectures by Jochen Becker (metroZones, Berlin) and Angelika Burtscher (Lungomare, Bolzano), that focus on topics like urban periphery, planning and agriculture by introducing examplary projects in Berlin and in Oslo.

We 7.10.2020


Opening at Zukunftshof / Haschahof

Nicolò Degiorgis is the first artist-in-residence of Kunsthalle Exnergasse to design the billboard on the façade of Zukunftshof / Haschahof. Serving as a display for the KEX | RAND project, it will be designed by different artists, alternating every six months.

We 30.9.2020



This series of events hosted by KEX focuses on aspects of Vienna’s periphery, urban planning and agriculture. It will take place in diverse locations around the city. With contributions by Jochen Becker (metroZones, Berlin), Mu Bo, Angelika Burtscher (Lungomare, Bozen), Nicolò Degiorgis (KEX artist-in-residence), Futurefarmers, Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page, Social Design Studio of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and others.

September 22 – October 18, 2020