Th 16.11.2023
18:00 - 21:00 Hrs



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EDELVIBES 2.0 - Behind the Scenes

In the Open

Many of you have seen EDELWEISS., but this is EDELWEISS as you have never seen it before. 

These are some of the stories, moments and laughs that didn’t make the final cut. They are, however, still an important part of EDELWEISS. and the people who were a part of it.

This evening will revolve around the screening of a Behind the Scenes compilation of the movie EDELWEISS. We invite participants to see the complexity of emotions that existed on set during the making of this very intense movie. In this edition of EDELVIBES, the celebration based event series inspired by the EDELWEISS. movie and movement, we will see how laughter and lightheartedness can free us from very heavy topics. The short film that this night will center around is an ode to BIPoC joy and laughter; of the price that often needs to be paid for it , and of the versions of ourselves that we feel free to be when we are not in public spaces.

In EDELVIBES 2.0 – Behind the Scenes Celebration, we will takeover the WUK Projekt Raum for a night of celebration, reflection and togetherness. The program consists of a screening of EDELWEISS. – Behind the Scenes, snacks and drinks to enjoy while viewing the exhibition IN THE OPEN - A NEGOTIATION OF PUBLIC SPACE and a casual jam in the end where we invite everyone to end the evening dancing and chilling with their friends.  

This edition of EDELVIBES is occuring in cooperation with IN THE OPEN - A NEGOTIATION OF PUBLIC SPACE, curated by Fiona Irene Graf.

This event is open to all participants but is a space where BIPoC are centered, prioritzed and celebrated. We invite visitors to attend with no pressure or expectation to contribute or actively participate, but to show up, have a laugh, enjoy the art and dance with friends.

Edelweiss is a performative documentary about the often harrowing realities of People of Color living in Austria. The movie is a frank depiction of the perspectives of many People of Color who have varying connections to Austria; some who call it home, some who have made it their home, and others who would never call it home. Edelweiss is a critical love letter to a country that needs to become a better place for those who have been making it a better place for years.

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Anna Gaberscik (USA/AT) is an anti-racism trainer and activist, performer, writer and director. Her work focuses on anti-racism and questioning patriarchal, heteronormative, and white narratives and discourses.

Anna is the founder of Through Our Eyes, an interdisciplinary project that explores anti-racism, intersectionality, and empowerment in various creative forms. Developing and curating performances, films, events and awareness trainings with an anti-racist focus, the project Through Our Eyes addresses difficult issues through a critical yet creative lens.

Her latest film with Triangle Studio, EDELWEISS. is a performative documentary about the often harrowing reality of People of Color in Austria.

Due to the WUK renovation, concerts, performances, exhibitions and children's theatre can temporarily not take place at their usual venues. Under the title "VERSUCHSANSTALT" Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Musik, performing arts and KinderKultur curate the program in the newly renovated project space and interweave their topics and formats in a spatial and content-related juxtaposition and togetherness.

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