We 30.1.2008 - Fr 29.2.2008


Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Claude Cahun



 artists: Ei Arakawa, Richard Artschwager, Nadja Athanassowa, Thomas Bayrle, Henning Bohl, Wolfgang Breuer, Claude Cahun, Michaela Eichwald, Annette Kelm, Mark Leckey, Anita Leisz, Nora Schultz, Lucie Stahl, Alivia Zivich 

curator: Will Benedict 

Egypted is an exhibition concerned with the representation and embodiment of fierceness, nerves, negativity and menace as stylistic constructions that allow us our position. And how this must be done in different ways, perhaps pathetically through the use of props and artifice, as objects, against surfaces, or by acting out. Some people sand things, some throw things out windows or down stairs or elevator shafts, some sand the things before they are thrown around and some people sand the things after. 

Sometimes an object's history can be unfolded and sometimes the object enfolds you, takes over your body and you're just a kind of zombie. But mostly it's my fault if I end up in this condition, a bit mute, surrounded and a part of something. Or if I'm in an empowered position that's my fault too. 

Wednesday, January, 30. 2008: 
Opening of the show at 7 pm 
Performances by Nora Schultz, Ei Arakawa and Alivia Zivich at 8.30 pm