Sa 12.3.2022
10.00 am - 1.00 pm Hrs


Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Afronauts (Nuotama Bodomo, 2014), filmstill
Kunsthalle Exnergasse


New Space Treaty
  • 10.00 Screening of the Afronauts (2014) by Nuotama Bodomo

  • 10.15 Reading by Pippa Goldschmidt

  • 10.30 Talk by curator about coloniality and space law

  • 11.00 Performance of "New Space Treaty"

  • 12.00 Roundtable discussion with artists and academics about the future of space (moderated by the curator)

This three-hour long symposium concludes the exhibition EXTR-Activism (Kunsthalle Exnergasse, February 10 to March 12, 2022). The event takes place at Kunsthalle Exnergasse as well as online via YouTube.

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The exhibition EXTR-Activism presents artistic and activist positions that question and challenge the new commercial space race for mineral extractivism. It interrogates how law has played a role in governing mining and extractivism across time and space, pushing resource frontiers across the globe and now beyond. The exhibition is curated as an immersive performance, which visitors move through as if they were on board a pan-African spaceship, sending Afronauts to Mars with the task to stop Lunar and Martian colonialism and extractivism. During their voyage the Afronauts rewrite the history and future of space exploration as they are confronted with the counterfactual history of space travel. Exposed to the environmental and human atrocities that accompany terrestrial mining, the Afronauts have the opportunity to shape the future through witnessing an alternative past. How can outer space governance be reimagined if the first person on the Moon was a female Zambian Afronaut? 

Participants of the exhibition: Guy Buttery, Vlad Cadar, Michelle Clarke, Pippa Goldschmidt, Donagh Horgan, Craig Jones, Ellen Levy, Ralo Mayer, Dylan McGarry, Jacque Njeri, Sergiu Sas, Saskia Vermeylen, Matjaž Vidmar, Beep Wellington, Widows Collective of Marikana

Curated by Saskia Vermeylen

Design by Donagh Horgan

Sound by Crater Digger 


For further reading:

EXTR-Activism : De-colonising space mining 

Article by Saskia Vermeylen

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