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Ewa Bańkowska: Piccole Conversazioni

“Piccole Conversazioni” is a solo performance that deals with our daily conversation culture. It is a monotalk for many potential voices and texts. From chatting to empty talk, table talks and fictional conversations in outer space. Time and again, Ewa Bańkowska gets caught in an imaginary dialogue, where she slips into the role of the speaker and listener at the same time. She tries to master every conversation, however, she realizes from the beginning that failure is inevitable.

“Piccole Conversazioni” explores our need to communicate with others, as well as the way we talk and about what. The piece questions whether the words that fly out of our mouths mean what we want them to mean, and how much a short talk can reveal about ourselves. The performance playfully approaches the topic of communication and tries to create a space where it is not so important anymore to take ourselves so seriously.


Freitag 26.04. - Sonntag 28.04. und Dienstag 30.04. - Samstag 04.05.


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