Children Group at WUK

Playing Together

We are a parent-managed children group with space for a maximum of 14 children. The group is funded by the municipal department MA 11 and belongs to the umbrella organisation “Wiener Kindergruppen” (Vienna Children Groups).

In our dealings with the children we do not feel necessarily obliged to follow particular pedagogical concepts, rather we strive for an authentic, respectful, and appreciative social environment. Above all, it is important to create a free space where children have enough time and space to develop their own personality in the context of a community. Our aim is to be an affectionate companion on their path to independence.

Being Active

Doing things together, especially outdoor activities, is an important aspect of our work. We like to put children in contact with their environment and spend plenty of time in nature. This includes our weekly excursion days, when we are out and about the whole day and in all weathers. Regular swimming trips are also part of our programme.


Parental Participation

As we are a parent-managed children group, parental participation in the happenings in and around the group is essential. This includes cooking and cleaning shifts, possibly parenting shifts, attending the monthly parents evening, and assuming a position in the association.


Our Spaces

The main attraction is a ca. ten-metre-long slide in the big group room. In the smaller room there is the eating area and a separate rest and reading zone. Directly in front of the door in the WUK courtyard is a huge sandbox where children can play whenever they feel like it during the summer. Besides the play area in the courtyard, we often visit the neighbouring parks after lunch, such as the Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark, the Türkenschanzpark, the former AKH hospital grounds, the Liechtensteinpark, or the Arne Carlsson Park.