Th 31.8.2017
8.00 pm Hrs


Kunsthalle Exnergasse


Michael Gumhold, [: Rehearsal : Room #24 :]

KEX Open

KEX Open
Michael Gumhold,
[: Rehearsal : Room #24 :]

Thursday, 31.08.2017
8 pm

The multilayered referential system of the artist Michael Gumhold does not hesitate to encompass all icons of music, art, or design history. With no sense of scruple, he reaches into the treasure chest of our memories and frees the archives in our minds. He dissects, dismantles, repeats and makes new linkages and lays out the track along which we follow him into his semiotic visual universe. Gumhold likes associational chains of quotations that do not remain mere references, but rather serve a starting points for aesthetic reformulations. The shift in significance – as from high to low, from original unique object to a recontextualized copy – here has a method, and is intentional. Gumhold’s rough material aesthetic and expressive gesture are directly borrowed from the event character of music, and a rather hard-rock style of music at that. In his Rehearsal : Room - Installations apparatuses familiar from music, like instruments, microphones, or amplifiers, are taken from their functional context and find a new existence as sculptures in a sign system. The music itself might remain silent, but its revolutionary potential, its affective directness and performative force are transformed into the situation of the exhibition.

Michael Gumhold, born 1978 in Graz, Austria, lives and works in Vienna.

In the framework of:
KEX Open
400 squaremeter and 50 minutes of space and time for experiments at Kunsthalle Exnergasse.In this framework invited protagonists define their approaches to materiality and temporality in their artistic production processes. Performative, installative.


Michael Gumhold

1978 * born in Graz, Austria, lives and works in Vienna
1998 – 2000 Masterclass for Sculpture, School for Art and Design, Graz
2000 – 2005 Academy of fine Arts, Vienna
2002 Artist in residence-program 02, Bregenz, Austria
2004 Contemporary Art Award of the city council of Graz, Austria
2005 Graduated with B.A. Honores and Master of Art, Academy of fine Arts, Vienna
2006 Federal chancellery of Austria studio scholarship Chicago
Harold residency Program, Chesterhill, Ohio
2007 Artist in residence, Banja Luka, BiH
2010 Federal Chancellery of Austria studio scholarship Tokyo
2012 Federal Chancellery of Austria scholarship for visual art
2013 Work stipend of the Province of Styria & Humanic price
2016 Federal Chancellery of Austria studio scholarship Krumau / Český Krumlov

Soloexhibitions / Projects:

2016 [: Rehearsal : Room #24 :], KEX Open, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
[: Michael Gumhold feat. The Sculpture Group° – Transistor :], Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Michael Gumhold – Gegenwartsbild, Futuregarden, Vienna
2015 Michael Gumhold vs. Helene van Duijne, D.U.O, Vienna
Michael Gumhold, [: Rehearsal : Room #23 :], Kunsthalle Graz, Graz
2014 Michael Gumhold, Unsuccessfully Cop(y)ing with the Natural Beauty of Infinity,
ArtReview Bar, London, UK
Introduce #7, Michael Gumhold, Schneiderei, 1050 Vienna
2013 Freie Improvisation nach Anleitung, Schauraum 35/nullnull, Krems
2012 Michael Gumhold (with Herbert DeColle), Stadtgalerie Wolfsberg, Wolfsberg
Michael Gumhold, [: Rehearsal : Room #20 :], Georg Kargl Box, Vienna
2010 Michael Gumhold, Ve.Sch, Vienna
Michael Gumhold feat. The Sculpture Group°, Galerie West, Den Haag, NL
2009 SPARTACUS, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, UK
The : Complete : Rehearsal : Room : Recordings, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna
2008 Stockhausen Permanent, Georg Kargl Permanent, with wienmodern, Vienna
Ampetamin, KHG Galerie, Graz (with Christian Eisenberger)
2007 “watch your language, (part 2)”, Studio der Neuen Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz
“watch your language, (part 1)”, Thomas K. Lang Gallery, Webster University, Vienna
2006 “-273,15° Celsius”, Gallery POLVO, Chicago
2005 gumhold/schulz in bild und ton, Laden für Nichts, Leipzig (with Tina Schulz)
“play re play“, dreizehnzwei, Vienna (with Nikola Hansalik) Katalog
“by memory/collected/point of view”, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna
2004 “...nach Marcel Breuer.”, Form Re Form, Graz
“broken hearts are for assholes”, Ausstellungsraum <auto>, Vienna
DISORDER, Galerie Centrum, steirischer herbst 04, Graz
2003 SKETCHFORASEAPIECE, Stadtgalerie Kiel, Prima Kunst, Kiel (D)
“irony is a dead scene, avec...”, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna
2002 THERE IS NO OTHER REASON, Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna
Vitrine der Generali Foundation Wien, Generali Foundation, Karlsplatzpassage, Vienna
2001 INTERPRETIERENVERBOTEN!!, Cultur Centrum Wolkenstein, Galerie 2000, Stainach
2000 PROBLEMSTOFF KUNST, Galerie L 24, Graz
“Joseph Beuys ist sehr interessiert an zeitgenössischer Kunst”, Atelier 96, Vienna
1998 Exemplarisches aus Graz/West, im Harrach, Graz