We 5.10.2011 - Fr 4.11.2011


Kunsthalle Exnergasse




Opening: Wednesday, October 5, 2011,
from 4 pm
Performance Days: October 5-6, 2011

Artists: Alejandro Almanza Pereda (MX), Marc Bijl (NL), Piot Brehmer (DE), Erik Bünger (SE), Jan Christensen (DE/NO) & Anders Fjøsne (NO), Kate Gilmore (US), Delia Gonzalez (CU/US), Andy Graydon (US), Gregor Hildebrandt (DE), Christian Jankowski (DE), Aaron Johnson (US), Daniel Kingery (US), Annika Larsson (SE), David Levine (US), Stephen Neidich (US), Kirstine Roepstorff (DK), Jeremy Shaw (CA), Viktor Timofeev (LV), Bryan Zanisnik (US)

Curators: Julie McKim and Daniel Kingery

This exhibition can be situated in the intertwined relationship
between the first utterance of the word teenager and the advent of
rock and roll. For the first time the mass production of sound was farreaching,
and in the process, became a platform for constructing identity,
social commentary, and rebellion for post-war youth. Ultimately,
it is an elusive, often idealized, and highly individualized concept of
freedom, but one that is unmistakably recognizable when it occurs.
For many of us, it is a disruption, a sound that changes everything, a
song that makes you less innocent while making you feel immortal.
It is a place situated outside conventions, societal constraints; where
changing the world or starting a revolution is not unrealistic. A sense
of freedom that manifests most often through the visceral experience
of music.
YOU ARE FREE assembles a group of international artists, musicians,
and djs whose work is fueled by this notion of freedom. Each of them
incorporates music or moments of adolescent transformation and
identity into their work through various media and disciplines. Some
employ musical tropes and youth cultural codes, others are actual
musicians, but all of their works set out to expand and reflect upon
this indefinable concept of freedom. These artists mirror that initial
impulse, that Utopian teenage dream, fused with a critical reckoning
of the world around them.

“This is possibly the ultimate rock ’n’ roll story, because rock is mainly about beginnings, about youth and uncertainty and growing throughand out of them. And asserting yourself way before you know what thefuck you’re doing.” - Lester Bangs

Performances & Concerts:

Wed., October 5, 2011

Performances starting at 4 pm (ongoing):
Stephen Neidich, I Fucking Hate Laundry
Jan Christensen & Anders Fjøsne,
N0th1n6 1$ f0r Fr€€, M0th€r Fuck€r$

Performance, 7 pm:
Erik Bünger: The Third Man
Performances & concerts starting 9 pm:
Andy Graydon, Untitled (plate tectonics)
Viktor Timofeev
Tobias Bernstrup
Jeremy Shaw (DJ Set)

Thu., October 6, 2011

Performance, 7 pm:
Delia Gonzalez, In Remembrance

Performance, 8 pm:
Bryan Zanisnik, Dissociative Pastry and Stone

Concerts starting 9 pm:
From the Department of Bad Moods (David Levine/
Viktor Timofeev/Daniel Kingery/ Joe Dilworth)
Bryce Hackford
Heatsick FM
The Surveyor (DJ Set)