Fr 14.1.2011 - Fr 21.1.2011
1.00 pm - 6.00 pm Hrs


Kunsthalle Exnergasse

tisch im raum lädt Wolfgang Fetz

Dialog, Essen und Ausstellung

dialogue partner: Martin Fritz
installation: Krüger + Pardeller: Figures Of Speech, or The Dream Machine; music: Nikolaj Hess, 2010

Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 7pm: Opening, talk, dinner table
Friday, January 21, 2011 at 7pm: Live-Performance by Krüger + Pardeller with the danish musician Nikolaj Hess

tisch im raum
is a recurring exhibition format designed as a laboratory, a space for dialogue and a dinner table landscape, self-organizing and intervening in the exhibition-free intermediate spaces of Kunsthalle Exnergasse. Guests who investigate diverse phenomena of the art field present an artistic position that is relevant in their work and enter into a dialogue with another invited guest. The evening closes together with the audience at a dinner table in the exhibition space.

Wolfgang Fetz, artistic director Magazin4 – Bregenzer Kunstverein and director Abteilung Kultur, City of Bregenz

Martin Fritz is curator, consultant and publicist in Vienna

Krüger + Pardeller predominantly work with sculpture, they transcend architecture, design, and engineering to question the function and use of space, place, and objects. Their practice combines art, architecture, and philosophy; abstract, modular forms are adopted as interactive tools.

Nikolaj Hess is a Danish pianist, composer, producer, and arranger living in New York and Copenhagen. He is one of the most sought-after European pianists for studio recordings and live sessions. Hess has appeared on more than one hundred albums and has also worked with film music (for Lars von Trier, among others). 1991 he was awarded at the RAI competition in Rome in the category Best European jazz pianist under the age of 25.

dinner table: menue by Roman Steger, Ö1 Genussschule

Concept of tisch im raum by Andrea Löbel, Lina Morawetz, Klaus Schafler, with Christina Nägele

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Figures Of Speech, or The Dream Machine / Krüger + Pardeller
Comparable to the systems of theoretical or linguistic approach, where a variety of subjects are broken down into abstract and yet alterable signifiers in the process of generating understanding, here the complexity of the socio-economic realities and their ever-increasing levels of abstraction is similarly scrutinised and put to the test. The visualization of such translational and interpretational activities projects the idea of an unstable, variable object. Krüger + Pardeller follow the complex process of individual perception, interpretation, and activation and develop a machine as a model of possible action.

Friday, January 21: Live-Performance by Krüger + Pardeller with the musician Nikolaj Hess.
Taking a given text as its starting point, a machine is being operated, resulting in a performance and a composition. Numerous translational steps lead to a code that lies at the heart of the performance, thus identifying abstraction as a subjective process of interpretation.