Th 16.10.2008 - Sa 25.10.2008


Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Baku Hjkandl


Engagement: Richtungen einer intentionalen Kunstpraxis / Ausstellung

Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 6.30 pm

opening of the exhibition with a lecture by Gabriele Jutz: "scratched"

and afterwards catalogue presentation by Józef Robakowski, „Energetic Images“, WRO ART Center, 2007



Frederique Devaux (F), Johanna Kandl (A), Helmut Kandl (A), Josh Müller (Ger/A), Adrian Paci (AL/I), Lisl Ponger (A), Józef Robakowski (PL), Stefanie Seibold (Ger/A), Tim Sharp (GB/A), Gabriele Sturm (A), Andrew Vachss (US), David Wojnarowicz (US) in Kollaboration mit Ben Neill (US)

Organisation/Concept: Patricia Grzonka, Gabriele Sturm


Departing from the assumption of a contemporary form of engagement in the visual arts, the project I will brings together exemplary works where the personal involvement of the artist plays a significant role. Despite the dominance of a post-ideological market conformity, art always is a high-risk game demanding a considerable individual commitment. Therefore, the questions of motivation in artistic production and the necessity to justify it in the contemporary art world are central in this open discourse. How would engagement in art be defined today? What does the personal commitment relate to the end result? Can certain concerns even be implemented and communicated through an artistic process?