We 29.6.2005 - Fr 22.7.2005


Kunsthalle Exnergasse




cur.: innbetween (Christine Schöffler, Peter Blakeney)

Participants / Artists: Coolhaven, Kollektief De Vrije Ruimte, EKH, FLUC, Gruppe Freiraum, Jeanne van Heeswijk und Rolf Engelen mit Frans Vermeer, innbetween (Christine Schöffler, Peter Blakeney), Kraakspreekuur Rotterdam, Netbase, Poortgebouw, Dieter Schrage, Daniela Swarowsky, Siebe Thissen, Tüwi, V.E.K.K.S., W.E.G., Worm + de Player, WUK, u.a.

The freibesetzt exhibition and parallel happenings explore places and structures where attempts are made to create space for experimental living, working and thinking, paradoxically, both within and as autonomous as possible from the prescribed societal status-quo. Beyond the insufficient or loaded terms like Freespaces and Squats exist creative designs and progressive practices which, due to their inherent variety in orientation and histories, often operate outside the all too confining corset of theoretical debate and justification. Through contrasting parallel Dutch and Austrian developments, spaces and their respective actors, both past and contemporary, freibesetzt aims to initiate a lively discourse and intensify the knowledge-sharing over this (internationally) threatened domain. Through their diverse biographies, experience and means of expression can one discover the opportunities and struggles within these diverse strategies to free space.

For further information see: http://www.freibesetzt.tk and www.kunsthalle.wuk.at


Actual report on freibesetzt, WUK Radio broadcastet on orange 94.0, 11.07.2005