We 3.11.2004
7.00 pm Hrs


Kunsthalle Exnergasse


Mirjana Rukavina

BEAUTY ARCHIVES 2002/04 - work in progress

Presentation/Date: Wed. 3.11.2004, 7pm

On show are photographs of anonymous young women who Mirjana Rukavina mostly encountered on the streets and invited to a "beauty shooting". The young women are not professional models and have no experience whatsoever with posing. Mirjana Rukavina says that when she photographs other people she is also always taking photographs of herself.

The 'Beauty Photographs', photos of the young women who fall into the category of being aesthetically attractive, have been accumulated in a beauty archive by the artist Rukavina, perhaps to provide the generations to come with an insight into a non-mainstream or other institutional definition of currently 'accepted' beauty.