Th 17.6.2004 - Sa 24.7.2004


Kunsthalle Exnergasse




Opening: 16. 6. 2004 

Curators: Gabriele Mackert/Jeannette Pacher (Verein transformer)

In a context where art has its autonomy as a humane arena in which to act, one with a unique value, discussions on art can encounter individual and social leitmotifs. Permanently Productive explores this transformation of structures on the basis of the changing understanding of work based on a broader notion of art.

Permanently Productive addresses artistic positions that question notions of work and leisure, designing alternative models for notions of work and productivity within the social context, as well as documenting and criticising deregulated conditions. The scope of the art projects includes reflections of present and future notions of work as well as the direct or model-like design of social structures and a passionate plea for doing nothing as a regressive free space for creativity.

"Art is beautiful, but it causes a lot of work". 

"Kunst ist schön, macht aber viel Arbeit".