Fotogalerie Wien

Association for the Promotion of Art Photography and New Media

The Fotogalerie Wien is a non-profit organization organized as an association for the advancement of artistic photography and new media. The collective acts as an information gallery running independently from trends set by the commercial mainstream. Founded in 1981 by Josef Wais, a team of seven artists working in with photography began the exhibition program in 1982 at our current location  Werkstätten und Kulturhaus (WUK) (studios and culture house).

The goals today remain the same as they when the association was initially established: to present contemporary art photography, interdisciplinary projects, and new media while responding directly to current themes, pressing issues, and discourses.

Curatorial practice is a vital characteristic of the Fotogalerie Wien. Together, the team – currently consisting of 10 artists and art historians – curates exhibitions born from a pool of numerous artist submissions as well as from collected ideas, the objective being to reflect upon current issues and trends in art.

One essential aspect of our program supports presenting not only well-known international artists, but young and emerging influences from both locally and abroad, thereby sponsoring a culture of exchange with foreign galleries and institutions. This has become a fixture of our programming for years and enables an exchange of information, provides a platform for discussion, as well as the presentation of the works from our partners in other countries as well as the presentation of Austrian artists abroad.

Since 1985 we have accompanied every exhibition with the booklet BILDER, which is sent to countless interested parties in both Austria and abroad. Additionally, we publish two catalogs annually (to accompany the Werkschau and Themenschwerpunkt exhibitions).


Wochenendkurse Zeichnen, Bildhauerei, Aktzeichnen

Tu 1. October 2019 - Fr 31. January 2020

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September – December 2019

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WERKSCHAU XXIV: Michaela Moscouw

aus der deponie der fotografie

Di 15. Oktober bis Sa 16. November 2019

Fotogalerie Wien

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la pantera rosa - БАГАТО - [wir sind mehrere]

Anja Filatova, Juliana Herrero, Korinna Lindinger, Karla Spiluttini

16. November 2019 - 20. November 2019

Intakt Raum

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19892019 KEX OPEN

We 20. November 2019, 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm Hrs

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Wendelin Pressl


Mi 20. November 2019 bis So 9. Februar 2020 ganztägig


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