19.1. - 18.3.2023


Kunsthalle Exnergasse

© Florian Aschka & Larissa Kopp: o.T., aus der Serie "My Dirty Old God*esses", c-print, 2022
Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Queer Art Spaces Vienna 2023

Louise Deininger, Michael Kaufmann, Gerhard Pruegger, Francis Ruyter
in cooperation with Queer Museum Wien

Curatorial assistant
Kweku Okokroko

Alexandru Cosarca, Frederik Marroquin & Dorian Bonelli, Judith Augustinovič, Larissa Kopp & Florian Aschka, Romeo Roxman Gatt, Theresa Auhonig & Petra Dirtl & Katja Hasenöhrl & Nico Wind, Vinko Nino Jaeger & Em Schwarzwald, Julius Pristauz, The Disco Ghost, Leila Samari & Maryam Sehhat, Danielle Pamp, Nazim Ünal Yilmaz, George Demir, Julia Fuchs, Marie Judith Le Gars & Ana Mikadze & Marie Kolarova, Tubi Malcharzik, Doris Schamp, Leon Simonis, Mario Kiesenhofer, Asgar/Gabriel, Daniel Hill, Isabelle v. Spreckelsen & Moritz Gottschalk & Stefan Eggenweber, Vasilena Gankovska, Animal Bro, Judit Kis, Lotti Brockmann, William Briscoe

Exhibition design
Studio Peljak

Often within the range of queer identities, simply standing ground, holding space, not accepting an alteration to our self-definition, becomes one of the most political actions that we can take in the course of a minute, a day, a lifetime. Speaking our truth, insisting people recognize our partners, chosen families, path in life, self-definition, is where art resonates in our daily lives. For some this is a practice to strengthen and express individual identity, but it can also be a heroic act by anyone, who looks for a way that they, too, are able to hold such space for themselves. 

Queer Art Spaces Vienna 2023 honours the way that sharing stories becomes a way to build Queer Spaces, within and outside of artistic practices. These might include the following topics:

-Breaking barriers
-Building communications 
-Having political impact 
-Standing ground
-Holding space
-Self care

The organizers invite artist, institutions, queer individuals, and communities to share their stories in an open call. From the submitted, stories, statements, artworks, photographs, videos, and more, the exhibition is curated and presented at the Kunsthalle Exnergasse.

During the 8 weeks of the exhibition, the organizers plan a comprehensive and interinstitutional event program with talks, performances, workshops, lectures, not limited to guided tours. The aim is to integrate institutions, interest groups and queer communities into the program and thus to document, discuss and reflect on queer spaces in a diversity of ways. Another aim of this project is to introduce queer art and ways of life to Vienna outside of Pride-Month.

With friendly support by:
Kultur im 9. - Alsergrund
Foto Leutner 
House of Butter 
Queer Museum Wien
Ruby Hotels 

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Opening: Versuchsanstalt

„Shared Space“ Räumliche Intervention von Nicole Six und Paul Petritsch

Th 13.4.2023
7.00 pm Hrs


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Ping Pong

Eine wachsende Ausstellung mit drei Eröffnungen

Th 20.4.2023 - Sa 6.5.2023
1.00 pm - 6.00 pm Hrs


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Interlocked Systems

Ping Pong, Act1

Th 20.4.2023
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DJ Toasting

Ping Pong, Act2

Th 27.4.2023
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Ping Pong, Act3

Th 4.5.2023
7.00 pm Hrs


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Sa 3.6.2023 - Sa 1.7.2023
11.00 am - 2.00 pm Hrs


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