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Kunstzelle in WUK Courtyard

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Kunstzelle at WUK Courtyard

Rita Rohlfing


Rita Rohlfing temporarily transforms the Kunstzelle into a red light district. The Cologne-based artist contrasts the filigree iron telephone box with an immaterial red colour light space. A main theme in the artistic work of Rita Rohlfing is immaterial, only seemingly tangible space. Although her installations, sculptures, and objects are minimalist and geometric in nature, upon closer inspection form and colour do not appear to have a solid state. The colour seems lighter than air, dematerialising and floating in space. Her works change with the movement of the viewer. Once a geometrical surface manifests, it evades the viewer upon the next step.

The works of Rita Rohlfing are a reflection of the social conditions of our time, in which the borders between the virtual and real world hardly exist.

Rita Rohlfing learned about the Kunstzelle during a scholarship at the Salzamt Linz in 2014.

Renate Bertlmann

Fadenkreuz 4

Tu 04. June 2019 - Su 08. September 2019

WUK Dach
Wilhelm-Exner-Gasse Ecke Severingasse

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Tu 01. October 2019 - Fr 31. January 2020

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