Thu May 24 to Fri June 8


Sat June 9
1 pm

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Sat June 9
from 12 pm

Admission Free

Kunstzelle at WUK Courtyard

Cansu Ergün

Touch the box

An iPhone X, 64 GBcurrently the most powerful mobile phone in the world—serves as the main object in the presentation byCansu Ergün, which will be on show throughout the three-week exhibition in the Kunstzelle. On the windows of the booth are pictograms of hands derived from emoticons. The hands refer to the object of desire, which has long since become a societal fetish. The exhibition itself is not intended as a classical representation form, rather it is more of a teaser for the coming event on June 9, 2018.  

The interactive performance “Touch the Box” is inspired by TV game shows which were popular in Turkey in the 2000s, such as Touch the Truck or Touch Me. The participants of these reality shows who managed to touch the object of desire—for example, a car—the longest, which could be over the course of several days, were declared the winners and could take the product home with them.

In Cansu Ergün’s transformation of this principle the Kunstzelle becomes the setting for a public show in which the exhibited iPhone X becomes the contested object. Whoever manages to touch the box, the vitrine of the iPhone, the longest wins the desired mobile phone!

Participation is open to all.

Register to participate only on Saturday, June 9, from 12:00 pm. For security reasons, participation is limited to the first 50 people who register.

The performance "Touch the Box" will take place at the same time as MAZE, Labyrinth Kunstproduktion WUK on 9 June from 1 pm.

A cooperation of the TransArts Department/Roman Pfeffer/University of Applied Arts Vienna and KUNSTZELLE/Christine Baumann with three student projects.

Barrier-free for wheelchair users
Kunstzelle is a project at WUK by Christine Baumann

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