Th, 23.1., 7 pm


Cinema at Fotogalerie Wien



Filmstill Die Frau, die Arbeit, die Kunst und das Geld

The woman, work, art and money

A documentary film by Elisabeth Maria (SI.SI.) Klocker, A 2007

Film screening with subsequent discussion
A documentary film by Elisabeth Maria (SI.SI.) Klocker, A 2007, duration: 72 min

With: Petra Ganglbauer, Maria Hofstätter, Ilse Kilic, SI.SI. Klocker, Birgit Krammer, Erika Kronabitter, Mara Mattuschka, Sterica Rein, Ashley Hans Scheirl, Sabine Schulze-Berge, Judith Sigmund, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, Gabriele Szekatsch, Claudia Zölsch, and many others.

In the framework of “Kunst & Geld”, a thematic focus of the IG BILDENDE KUNST.
Austria Film Coop in cooperation with IG Bildende Kunst and Fotogalerie Wien

In this lively, ironic snapshot different approaches to money, work, and art are reflected upon in a self-critical yet humorous way. Multiple stresses, precarious and irregular work conditions, existential fears, etc. define the everyday of the protagonists. They tell of the underground struggle of female artists; they report about their guerrilla tactics, their desires and dreams. Artists from various areas – Vienna, Berlin, Vorarlberg, and San Francisco – make statements which are contrasted by the different perceptions and realities of the individual artists. 

For more information about the project “Kunst & Geld” and the current exhibition at the GALERIE IG BILDENDE KUNST: