Nikolaus Adler Balthazar

26. bis 28. April 2018
19.30 Uhr



(c) Sahra Haas
Performance, Dance, TheaterTanz


A dance piece.

You can be moved by death if you don't show it, if you just suggest it. If you show it, it's finished. The same thing goes for love.” – Robert Bresson

A donkey dies in the midst of a flock of sheep – dazzlingly beautiful, lonely and sublime.
A key scene of a film classic: Robert Bresson’s “Au hasard Balthazar” (1966).
This scene, which isn’t shown, is the departure point.
The dancers become the interface of our own (hi)story. A performance evolves, in which wishes, desires, and hope are buried, and the grief about our lost innocence steps to the fore.

A dance piece about us and life as such.

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