Adriana Cubides

04.und 05.05.2018
20:30 Uhr



(c) Ariel Uziga
Performance, Dance, TheaterInstallationPerformance

Adriana Cubides: The Gap in Between

The Gap in Between is an active search for other forms of perception, awareness, and seeing.

From the need to counter the rigid, established structures and limiting conditionings, we create a constantly transforming space that simultaneously permits construction and deconstruction and invites to diverse perspectives and approaches. It is about the transience of inner-outer realms, the dissolution of roles and breaking certain conventions and expectations. We search for possibility spaces in a fixed contemporary perception, in the uncertainty of the in-between, and in another form of dialogue with the audience, which is invited to experience the performance in a special way. 

The Gap in Between strives to transcend the borders of security and conditioning and reach beyond that which was, should be, must be, or will be.

jeden Freitag, 18.30 - 20.00 Uhr

Großer Senior_innenraum

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Hoop Dance Jam

Tanztraining mit dem Hoop-Reifen

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Baumgasse 79, 1030 Wien

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Für Tanzende mit Vorerfahrung

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WUK in der alten WU

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