Foto Klaus Pichler


Manfred Engelmayr, Derhunt, Didi Kern

 Bulbul is a band from Vienna, Austria, who combines Rock with Dance, Electronic and Experiment. Their musical approach is a unique blend of the unexpected and the unpredictable throwing monolithic rhythms down your throat that make you dance. Once your legs start moving, they've already left your body, crossed the motorway, crashed straight into the roadside trees, and started cutting wood or maybe searching for small furry animals. BULBUL incorporates pop musics' superficiality as well as the structure beneath - they can annihilate the cheapest rhythm and morph it into the most virtuous and complex arrangement, all within the blink of the eye. As monstrous walls of sound channel into introspective patterns you just stand there, mouth agape while you ask yourself "how the hell is this possible and why does it feel so good?".

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