Tu 31.3.2015
7.00 pm Hrs


KEX Studio

(De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future Helene Kazan, 2014

(De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future

Presentation of Helene Kazan

Dienstag, 31.März 2015, 19 Uhr
(De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future
Präsentation von Helene Kazan, 
anschließend im Gespräch mit Klaus Schafler

Expert methods of calculating risk are employed across different industries, aimed at producing the best possible forecast in order to sell a calculable danger to clientele. Through the frame of the home or house a relationship is formed between these expert perceptions of risk, experienced for example through financial and the real-estate markets, and risk felt as a tangible, bodily threat, experienced within the home. This double articulation of risk (abstract and affective) breeds a tension which is articulated and registered in the material of the architecture of the home itself. This work examines contradictory images of an unknown future in Lebanon, produced through different methods of perceiving imminent or non-existent possibilities of future threat. In order to expose an operative condition within this specific context, to make present the ways in which risks’ unequal distribution contributes to constructing or deconstructing the home as a site of security. 

Helene Kazan, Artist in Residence im KEX Studio bis Mai 2015.
In Kollaboration mit Atfal Ahdath art collective, Beirut und Lina Morawetz.