Th 24.3.2005 - Fr 22.4.2005


Kunsthalle Exnergasse




 learning emancipatory selfinstitution, socialised research and unlearning

W...WirWissen gathers various strategies and positions in collaborative knowledge production and emancipatory self-organization. The notion of knowledge is consciously set as a blurry centre, a fragmented cluster of postfordist economy, education and artistic practices; a pattern of lines, which the project tries to approach through circular movements. Such a movement is simultanously a statement and a stuttering.

The exhibition is a focal point of a growing international exchange between self-institutions in the field of art and culture. This process started a year ago and will continue, temporarily represented at workshops and micro-symposia in different places.

For the Kunsthalle Exnergasse the figure of theatre will be set up as a model for such a - inherently paradox - representation of informal learning and unlearning: performative research, a rehearsal stage of a production without premiere. Over the course of the exhibition weekly events, lectures and workshops will be scheduled.

Details to the exhibition and the rehearsalprogramm:http://manoafreeuniversity.org/w...wirwissen

Coordination at the Manoa Free University in collaboration with APA (Hamburg), Copenhagen Free University, Free Floating Faculty (Copenhagen), Freie Klasse (Berlin), Informelle Universität in Gründung (Berlin), University of Openess (London)

Further Guests and Participants from the following Projects: Greenpepper Magazine (Amsterdam), La Loko (Copenhagen), Mana Mana (Budapest), Sefik Seki Tatlic (Sarajewo), Universite Pirate (Paris), Working on Fire (Bangkok), TvTv (Copenhagen), die üblichen Chih Chie (Berlin), Meine Akademie (Berlin) To be confirmed: Members of Freiraum - Kritische Nicht Universität (Vienna), K.u.u.g.e.l. (Innsbruck), Ladyspace (Vienna), Université Tangente (Paris) and others...