Th 27.1.2005 - Sa 26.2.2005


Kunsthalle Exnergasse


bildet to-do-stapel!

12 jahre monochrom

Cur: Johannes Grenzfurthner & Günther Friesinger

Johannes Grenzfurthner, Günther Friesinger, Franky Ablinger, Daniel Fabry, Evelyn Fürlinger, Homolka List, Frank Apunkt Schneider & die SatellitInnen

An external commentary: "Putting the world that we experience as a habitable Inside into relationship with a new world and a new way of life: this is the task of fantasy and science fiction, of criticism and anarchism, and maybe also of fairy tales and religion. This is a task that monochrom takes very seriously while being very funny. monochrom is - and they admit this openly -not a sect, but a movement, and as such newly a recognized religion. A religion as the binding of thinking and life to the Outside, a religion in which there is no Beyond to devalue life because it recognizes no here and now, a religion in which all power exists in the form of radiation and which does without institutional centralization, without God or King - even if it is the King of Persia." (Drehli Robnik)


opening reception: Wed 26.01. 2005, 7 pm
symposium: Fr 4.2., 7 pm and Sa 5.2.2005, 2.30 pm: “Spektakel-Kunst-Gesellschaft / Guy Debord und die situationistische Internationale”;www.wuk.at/index.html/wuk/termin/628801629/termin_kalender_alles.html