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A project by InsideOut WUK performing arts club

What is performance art? What are its goals? What does it do? And how does it do it? The wide field of performative forms of expression unveils new horizons of perception and thought, but accessing them isn’t always easy. It’s much easier to explore it together. For this purpose, WUK performing arts founded the InsideOut WUKperforming arts club, a club for interested people 20+, who want to learn more about performance art and also try it out in practice. Diverse variants of performative expression beyond the familiar classical theatre arts are compiled, tested, and applied.

Together with the performers of the InsideOut WUK performing arts club, participants embark on a performative city walk at the interface between theatrical presentation forms, fine arts, participation, and installation. Urban space becomes an art space. The movements from one place to the next, stopping and observing set the tempo. Building upon the title “Enter Paradise”, they will reveal an array of different perspectives on the notion of paradise in all of its spatial, local, religious, sociopolitical, artistic, interpersonal, and biographical manifestations.

Does paradise exist? How do we find it? Is it a space, a condition, an attitude, or simply a desire? What are the characteristics of paradise? Do we find it or do we create it ourselves? In the interplay and the in-between spaces of these ideas performative events, games, and images evolve parallel to the city walk. They carry the audience off into the 9th district of Vienna and invite you to a perspective change in your own city.

Fr 26. / Sa 27. April | 19:30 Uhr


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Dan Mussett: THE DATING PROJECT - First Date

Ein Game für 2 vor und nach jeder Vorstellung von WUK performing arts

Von Jänner bis Juni vor und nach jeder Vorstellung von WUK performing arts


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Sa 4. / So 5. Mai | 18:30 Uhr


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Dutzis ESC-VAGANZA! Live Drag Show

Anschließend Eurovision Public Viewing & Party

Sa 11.5.2024
7.30 pm Hrs


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Comedy / Performance / Party Träsh!

Mi 22. Mai | 19:30 Uhr


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