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Elisabeth Tambwé: Focus : new perspectives

What is at stake in this reading / performance Focus : new perspectives is the question of the body as a place of resistance. The approach of a black body that is going against preconceived ideas. This is a body playing with identification systems, aesthetic, social and even political codes that are being projected on it. During the show, this body reveals itself as a space of the possible, of the possibility ofmetamorphosis, of transformation.

Without a landscape, without a territory to invest or conquer, this black body takes leave of a possible narrative, historical or social climate to simply stick to the mere fact of its presentation.

Focus : new perspectives, it is the projection of a body forward, the resistance of a body that fights against the frozen state of the "finished product".

DARUM: Ausgang: offen

Eine performative Installation über den Tod

Do 2. bis Sa 4.4., Di 7. bis Mi 8.4., Fr 10.4. sowie Mi 15. bis Sa 18.4.2020

WUK performing arts unterwegs

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Mi 15.4. bis Fr 17.4.2020, Öffnungszeiten: 19 bis 21 Uhr, Einlass jederzeit möglich


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Susanne Schuda: Late Night Group Therapy - 1/2020

Die Show für Gesellschaft, Politik und Unbewusstes mit Schudini The Sensitive

Mi 22.4.2020, 21:00 Uhr


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Mi 29.4, Do 30.4. und Sa 2.5.2020, 19:30 Uhr

Saal und Foyer
(Stiege 3, Erdgeschoß, barrierefrei)

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