Steffi Parlow, Eva Eisenbacher

DJ Toasting

Ping Pong, Act2

Eva Eisenbacher_Steffi Parlow

Always these annoying trends. Today one thing, tomorrow another. Buy something and a short time later, it’s totally useless and superfluous. Old things must make way for the new. A sheer endless loop. And yet, there are certain things we cannot do without. Eisenbacherand Parlow stockpile these discarded things and give them a second chance.

Eva Eisenbacherand Steffi Parlowinvite exhibition visitors to be part of this accumulation. "DJ Toasting" celebrates these personalised objects. Work-out meets greasy fingers. Come and join in the fitness sit-in and rolling around/balling up. 

"DJ Toasting" is the second of three openings in the frame of the “growing” exhibition Ping Pong  in VERSUCHSANSTALT. For three sub-openings, Kunsthalle Exnergasse teamed up a female artist with an artist or one of the WUK workshops.

Each of the interdisciplinary collaborations forms a contribution that integrates into the VERSUCHSANSTALT project in a performative, installative, or accumulative way. Taking on various forms, the interventions respond to each other, intrude, oscillate between genres, or distance themselves from what is present in the space.

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