Wo Himmel und Meer das Blau tauschen, Cordula Nossek_März 2018, WUK (c) Aaron Nossek

We 14th til Sa 18th of March 2018



Entrence Fee

€ 8

€ 6 Groups


Where The Sky and the Sea Trade Blue


When you look out across the sea you can see a magic line between the sky and the water. Cordula Nossek started thinking more about his line and laid like a cat, ready to ambush, on the beaches of the North Sea, Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, and also the Indian Ocean, waiting to capture it. Unfortunately, she wasn’t successful – it was always one step ahead. Until she had an idea. In her new theatre piece she makes the line between the sky and the sea visible, so that we can finally touch it and cherish it.

Dachtheater Wien/ Cordula Nossek

“Art does not reproduce the visible; it makes visible.” —Paul Klee

Play, text, stage: Cordula Nossek
Figure and object theatre

Recommended ages: from 2 to 6

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