TTR Allstars (c) zoefotografie

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TTR Allstars (c) zoefotografie

TTR Allstars (Texta, Average, Da Staummtisch, Kayo und Hinterland)

Hip-hop is back! In 2018 TTR puts the long-missed, tried and tested flavour back on the map. Since 20 years Austria’s most successful hip-hop label Tonträger Records has stood for sophisticated rap, dope beats, and fresh cuts. On the occasion, the prestigious Linz-based acts Texta, Da Staummtisch, Hinterland, Average, and Kayo drop a new studio compilation album. Rap is the style the went lost. The hip-hop veterans from Upper Austria bring it back with the album “CHEFPARTIE” and show who has the say in the so-called game.

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