Raul Maia und Thomas Steyaert

18. bis 20. Jänner 2018
19:30 Uhr



Performance, Dance, TheaterTheater

Raul Maia und Thomas Steyaert: The ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin

Paul and Sunny perform a series of actions according to a predescribed order.

A physical dialogue through

The Ballet of Paul Ace and Sunny Lovin is the 3rd stage work by Raul Maia and Thomas Steyaert. As in all of their previous works, non-representational physical communication plays an essential role in the performance. Their artistic practice aims to develop forms of physical behaviour without the use of recognisable gestures.

The 3rd work in the series introduces objects as mediums that mediate the communication and become animate as a result of the physical dialogue. Maia and Steyaert perform their dialogues within static and restricted physical configurations. Each configuration seems to impose a new form of language. The sum of these different physical languages outlines an absurd and puzzling experience.

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