07. January 2018
21:00 Uhr

08. January 2018
19:30 Uhr


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Lisa Hinterreithner: Pink tape – yellow tape – black tape – Repeat!

A strip of adhesive tape is a singular thing, a second one next to it confirms the first one. A third one could indicate the beginning of a pattern. Patterns are created by repetition.

The performance Pink tape – yellow tape – black tape – Repeat! focuses on the processes of creation and discard of patterns, visualising them with the aid of adhesive tape. In the black box, affixed dots and line structures build up between audience and performers, only to be transformed in the next moment or disappear again.

In Pink tape – yellow tape – black tape – Repeat! the live musician Elise Mory handles musical structures and repetition processes. Acoustic overlays and multilayer loops translate the visual patternings into sounds and thus musically “glue together” the performative adhesive-tape works.

A foot, a head and a hand interwoven with tape. The strips interact with the bodies of the performers. Dot structures form a social tie with the onlookers, pulling them directly into the events by an almost affectionate application of adhesive tape. Everything happens in a measure of disorder; no repetition is similar to another; everything in the room might have become a pattern …

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Fr 01. June 2018 - Fr 31. January 2020, 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm


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Sa 01. September 2018 - Tu 31. December 2019, 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm

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Do 12. September 2019 bis Sa 21. September 2019

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