To ensure that the WUK remains super!

After more than 160 years of intensive use, a large renovation of the listed 12,000 m2 building in Währinger Straße is urgently needed - a major challenge for the WUK in the coming years.

The work will start in autumn 2021 and thus almost exactly on time for the 40th anniversary of the WUK. The renovation will secure the substance of the building and make it fit for the future generations. Special priority will be given to barrier-free accessibility and the ecological design of the building.

The character and charm of the WUK, as many know and appreciate it, will be preserved even after the renovation. We are sure: In times like these, places like the WUK are more important than ever! The WUK sets an example for a fairer society, combines art, culture and criticism, is a place for civil society action and self-empowerment, and creates spaces for learning and trying out new things. A lively city needs places like the WUK and right now we need your support!


Support the WUK with a VOLL SUPER ticket donation: Donate 40 euros, 80 euros, 100 euros or your own desired amount and say proudly: "I was part of it!". For all contributions of 100 euros or more, you get an exclusive tour of the WUK. Did you know that more than 160 groups, initiatives and individuals work in the WUK in numerous studios, workshops, music and dance rehearsal rooms and there is a unique view from the roof?

Your contribution makes the difference. Super thanks!