Eintritt frei


MQ Wien, Vorplatz

Kunstzelle at MuseumsQuartier Wien

Beate Schachinger

Ein-Zelle - Zellatmung

Inhale. The airstream fills the amorphous pink form. It expands and fills the tight space of the KUNSTZELLE. The enclosing structure limits its possible growth.

Exhale. The air slowly escapes and the form collapses. Tired and wrinkled it shrinks to half of its size, only to re-erect itself and expand and grow again after a short period of rest. The cell as a place of isolation is likewise a glass stage for the solo performance of the „Ein-Zelle“. Where it is exhibited reduced to its perpetual rising and falling.

As an associative sculpture the „Ein-Zelle - Zellatmung“ invites us to reflect on social phenomena such as pandemics, isolation and free spaces.

In the installation „Ein-Zelle“ Beate Schachinger transfers her painting into the three-dimensional. The stage, often quoted in her paintings, emerges as a real element of her work. The object becomes a painterly surface. The fine corporeal colour of her work comes alive and shows itself in new constellations with every respiratory cycle of inhaling and exhaling. As with her paintings, Beate Schachinger’s work remains enigmatic, providing various avenues for association. - Christine Baumann

A project by Christine Baumann and Pablo Chiereghin.

Thanks to:
MuseumsQuartier Wien, Quartier21, BMKOES, WUK

Pneumatic form: Stefan Geerlings / Noproblaim
Picture for fabric print: Leni Deinhardstein

Thanks to Andrea Fischer

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