1. Pigman, Horse, Bear DIY (Tomb)

2. Pigman sing along

3. Lost Ponchos

4. Julia

5. James Ensor Funeral Marching Choral

Toilet break

6. Finno-Ugric Garage Kabuki


8. God's Weather Cast

9. Throw you Spoon to the corner"-Corner

10. Lost Ponchos

11. Garden of Death

The audience is free to move!
Respect the instruments.

Sabotanic Garden



Sabotanic Garden (SG) presents a performance happening

Garden Of Death (GOD)

Is a 2-evening festival celebrating, over-the-top interstellar, contemporary and imaginary performances, carefully curated and performed by the SG team.

GOD can be perceived as a series of absurd sketches or as an ever-changing fresco of obscure subconscious landfills. It’s an improvisational performance meltdown with experimental music, contemporary physical theater, post-tribal masks, obscure objects and poetry - radiating the spirit of early avant-garde. SG's stage hoodoo bends from old school noise to acoustic exotica - gazed upon by all-reaching and relentless imaginary vapour:

Julia will recitate again her famous balcony monologue (or at least the parts she remembers), we hear the ghostly longing romanticism of Latin music trio Lost Ponchos, we will sing along with the Pigman and join the abstract craft club session with his buddies the horse and the bear, catch the latest Box News™ and GOD’s weather casting, witness the horrifying Big Eater, Finno-Ugric Garage Kabuki, meet the James Ensor Funeral Marching Choral, spend time in “throw your spoon to the corner” - corner, visit the authentic Garden of Death and the gift shop, and much more! And less! Between delightful psychedelic music intermissions, we will enjoy carefully selected refreshments from SG´s bistro cart.

The evening might contain triggers: Forced participatory, constant language barriers, bad taste, almost no nudity and gluten. Bring your friends!


Eine Koproduktion von WUK perfromance und PKW (Performance Kust Wien)

mit: Jussi Saivo, Roland Rauschmeier, Petra Lustigová, Tomáš Vtípil, Pasi Mäkelä, Daniel Prenleloup

Dank an: Christoph Gerhold, Andreas Lendais und Karin Seidel, Familie Fröhlich