Zug um Zug zum SUPER WUK

Get involved!

The WUK doesn't fit into any box, and has done so for 40 years. While this is a timeless slogan for us, the ravages of time have taken their toll on our time-honored building. Therefore, we have packed our boxes and are moving.

But only temporarily. Before we moved into the former locomotive factory in 1981, the building was destined for demolition. We have always been in favor of preservation and have taken care of maintenance over the past 40 years. After more than 160 years of intensive use, the much-needed extensive renovation of the now landmarked building is finally beginning.

Did you know that the WUK covers more than 12,000 m2? The renovation is a major project and will keep us busy for several years - in several stages under the slogan step by step to SUPER WUK. We are sure that everything will be better afterwards, because it will be more modern, more sustainable, more ecological - and barrier-free. And still just as beautiful.

We start with the moving! For this we need our friends. Donate 40 Euros for a symbolic moving box - packed with 40 years of WUK history - 160 Euros for 160 years of use that have left their mark or your own desired amount. Help us to carry our values safely to the temporary home. Your support is important.

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