Anna Barham

APRIL 12 to MAY 26, 2018


Kunsthalle Exnergasse

We may be ready to have verbal intercourse
© Anna Barham 2017
Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Is it language that they're after? (no one replied.)

The group exhibition Is it language that they’re after? (no one replied.) examines hybrid forms that have emerged on the fringes of literature and fine art since the twentieth century. It investigates these models against the backdrop of the Internet and its tendency to reduce the speakable and visualise language itself, while making it redundant at the same time. How the dematerialisation of art, which has been evolving since concept art, further exacerbates in the process and how the usage of language as a self-evident medium of artistic practice is changing are facets of the questions posed in Is it language that they’re after? (no one replied.).
The exhibition situation will be informed by how the idea expressed through language constitutes the artwork, how ephemeral or fixed these moments appear in the exhibition context, and by the role that text even plays, whether presented as a work itself or in the form of instructions, documentation, or as technically manipulable scripts for (live) performances or videos.

With works by Anna Barham, Heinrich Dunst, Veronika Eberhart, Florian Hecker, David Jourdan, Isabella Kohlhuber, Tonio Kröner, David Lamelas, Hanne Lippard, Maria Meinild, Stefan Panhans, Falke Pisano, Stefan Sandner, Ryan Trecartin, Tanja Widmann,

Curated by Christian Egger

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